Vista Blanca

by Camarilla

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released July 15, 2011

Recorded Live and Mixed at Atomic Audio by Brand Cagle in Oak Ridge, TN.



all rights reserved


Camarilla Knoxville, Tennessee

Camarilla formed in late 2010 in a small basement in Knoxville, Tennessee. Throughout the winter the songs of Vista Blanca came together, and were recorded in the spring. Since then they have played a handful of shows appealing to all sorts of crowds around East TN. With being compared to such acts as Botch, Former Thieves, & Touche Amore the high energy and raw emotion is sure to bring anyone in. ... more

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Track Name: Sarmentoso
You never understood that you were never part of me, and you will never understand everything these eyes have seen. You never understood and you will never understand.
Track Name: Del Rio
I once met a boy who made all the wrong choices. Never did you realize your body has toll and you have to pay for it one day.

Your substance was your god, and you prayed to him everyday. Yet he never answered your prays. Never did he.

It was all the same, but you had too much self pride to realize it. You're a fool and we all have seen your flaws.

No, go ahead, it will relax you.

Wake up, no one's talking to you. That's your pride lying. What can I say? This is reality. I made those choices. I made those mistakes. Oh, dear God, what have I done? I'm sorry. Oh, dear God, please save me now. I wish it was all a dream.
Track Name: No Dice, Soldier
I knew there was something about that girl. The way she walked with her hips and lied with her lips. Feel your own heart, it's not there. Find your pride, you left it behind.

I am left with no choice, but to say my final good bye. The memories we shared are vague memories in my mind.

You had it all. You left it for the corrupt and the weak. You had it all.

This soul will not surrender to your false acts of kindness. I will not give in to your lies anymore. This is your last mistake. It's over now.

Let's set something beautiful on fire. Let her body burn.
Track Name: Dearest Em
I once held the world in the palm of my hands. The weight of your words was too much to bare. Pound for pound, they piled on my crippled spine.


I've lost my direction. I'm lost out at sea. Going down with the ship again, we will not last. Going down with the ship again, We cannot fix this.

Please stop yelling. There's no need to shout. Oh, here we go again.

Every thing's going to be okay. It's fine. It's Alright.

Why do you scream? What do I scream for? Water filling up my lungs.
Track Name: Kingpin
I'm on the outside looking in on where I'm supposed to be. Live this life, have these goals, and put your dreams aside. Just to be your pawn, but I will succeed. I will achieve the greatness you don't want for me.

All of your so called wisdom is a plot to snuff me out. Ruin my drive and bring me to my knees. Your not fed if I'm not eaten. Sell my dreams down Del Rio just to see me as your deed. By straying from your footsteps you've lost your credit. You've lost your credit with me.

If it's war you want then war is what you got. I know my side. I know my side.

I know my side, do you? I know my side.
Track Name: Vista Blanca
This is the end. I know more then when it began. Cut off your ties. This is the end.