Southern Discomfort

by Camarilla

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This album was recorded live and mixed by Brandon Cagle at Atomic Audio in Oak Ridge, TN.

We recorded our first album, 'Vista Blanca', having only played together as a unit for a short time and this new album, 'Southern Discomfort', is a collection of the songs that have helped us grow as musicians, songwriters, and band mates. We took more time with all the titles, lyrics, instrumentation, and presentation for this release while consciously retaining a more raw and natural sound and feeling. Thank you to everyone that has listened to our music and come out to our shows.


released May 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Camarilla Knoxville, Tennessee

Camarilla formed in late 2010 in a small basement in Knoxville, Tennessee. Throughout the winter the songs of Vista Blanca came together, and were recorded in the spring. Since then they have played a handful of shows appealing to all sorts of crowds around East TN. With being compared to such acts as Botch, Former Thieves, & Touche Amore the high energy and raw emotion is sure to bring anyone in. ... more

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Track Name: Germs
Do you ever get the feeling when you lay your head down you wont wake to the dawn of a new day?
Sleep is endless.
Death will end us.
Don't rest, if you do you will miss your chance to live.
Our lives are never lived in dreams.
Our path is guided with eyes wide open.
Track Name: Indians to Nomads
Lines in the sand. Points pivoting in equilateral distances.
Raise ruins made of glass, there is no oasis here.

Visions of our demons disappear from this hell.
Send me your Goliath, bring him down to his knees.
Visions of ne'er-do-wells disappear from the earth.
Send me your age old ghosts as they fade into graves.
I will cast the first stone.
This temple will stand as a monument.

This blood soaked stone is a reminder that built this empire and stands as a trophy.

History repeats itself.

Entrenching instability has me focused on this downfall.
The towers have fallen over. This silence has never felt so familiar.
Track Name: Dale Burnhardt
My life consists of nothing but failed attempts,
and I’m sorry for what I’ve done.
Your ghost will haunt me in my dreams.
I will never sleep. The thought of your forgiveness
warms me, but sends shivers throughout my body
knowing that you will never utter those words.

No, you're right. It's all my fault.
It's all my fault.

I feel ashamed to look at you in the same way because I know what I did was wrong. Was wrong.
Track Name: Kaleidoscope Hymn
Your spectrum is fading and now your true colors are showing.

I'll find the giver of life would say, "You are no son of mine."

Envious of others accomplishments. Yellow belly, don't be lured back to the shadows. Blood brother, dear brother I was stabbed in the back. Focus on the lights as they fade to black.

Your colors run together.

Lie down. Coward with filth from your mouth. You're wasting away, you are not the same.
Track Name: Star Mangled Banner
Let the righteous be wrong until the end of this song.

War with a city of traitors. Battles between brothers and sisters. Wasted blood and broken weapons. Kill the lambs to feed the lions.

[Sammy Pajcic of Will to Die]
Betrayer of life.
So close to the knife. So close to the edge. So close to the razor. Your walking the edge. Our trust replaced with disgust. All hope turns to hate. We're turning it back and taking it back. You're power hungry and were homeless. We're sick of being dead.

Watch what you say, I’m coming for you. We're coming for you.

Elected as a leader, but you're a vigilante.
Old faithful and land of the free has become home of the cowards. The brave are turned into nomads, walking the wasteland. Welcome home.

Rich men repay fathers for all their fortune. It's all a joke.
Track Name: Grit in Graceland
Cobwebs in frames and unscripted scenes litter my brain with violent means.

The river congeals thus far and the waterway carries the vessel downstream.

My lungs adrift are dry but still imperfect with lessons learned but soon forgotten and washed ashore. We're all washed ashore.

I am the mouth of the South. I’m the mouth of the South.

Bricks and mortars are corrupting my borders. I’ve abandoned books for sharpened claws. Crown the king and watch his head fall.
Track Name: Junior
Our hands our contradictions. My fingers have one thought
wrapped around your neck.


Your warm throat on my tight grasp. Abandoned gaze as I tighten my grip.

Your warm throat, abandoned gaze.

Hands on wrists. Push and shove. Struggle as your last breath leaves.
Track Name: Christopher Robin

Lips set on mute, grasping what has happened. Something is lost and gone, but the spirit and the times we shared are forever lasting.

All these people are talking, my ears cannot take this abuse.

There's no noise like white noise. There's no sound like no sound. Dead silence.

You can't make it out of this. I can't make is out of this. We can't make it out of this.

We can't make it out of this tragedy.